Robus Leather Corporation was founded in 1971, in Madison Indiana, to manufacture 100% genuine bonded leather for the North American shoe industry. Today the company is owned by Mr. Charles Spillman of the Spillman Group in Indianapolis, Indiana and manufactures bonded leather for the flooring, shoe, fashion and furniture industries, to name but a few. Robus Leather Corporation now sells products in over 25 countries around the globe.  
The Madison facility was built primarily to support the North American shoe industry and later the belt and personal leather goods markets (wallets, purses, portfolios, briefcases, etc.). In the mid-eighties a large part of the shoe industry moved offshore to South America and Asia, and consequently so did the Robus market, resulting in substantial direct exports to over 25 countries. Robus is now focusing heavily on expanding sales of bonded leather into new markets with new products and new applications, such as furniture, wall covering, vehicle trim and advertising specialties; essentially anywhere a more cost effective alternative to genuine leather can be applied, or a vinyl film can be upgraded to genuine bonded leather.  
Robus product is 100% manufactured in Indiana and the company was the proud recipient of the Indiana Governor's Award for Excellence in Recycling in May 2000. Robus is excited about expanding production as it forges into new global markets.