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LED Group ROBUS Warehouse, Dublin HQ, Ireland

ROBUS Energy Saving Case Study: Warehouse Lighting

LED Group ROBUS Warehouse, Dublin HQ, Ireland

ROBUS have been designing and manufacturing LED light fittings for over 18 years now, therefore, we understand the importance of the effects lighting can have in the workplace - poor, high maintenance lighting can create an unsafe work environment and affect overall production.

72 x LED fittings were installed throughout aisles 1-9 of the LED Group HQ warehouse. We replaced 54W fluorescent tubes and 5ft 58W fluorescent tubes with top of the range ROBUS LED fittings. A mix of LED Hi-rack, Highbays and Lowbays were fitted to show the wide range of suitable options that ROBUS can provide for any large workspace.

The ROBUS products installed are the new PRISMOID 120W LED Linear Hi-rack, DISK 100W and 160W LED Highbays including PIRs, Double VULCAN 40W LED Corrosion Proof fittings and CASEY 120W LED Lowbays with daylight sensors. We also installed two DISK LED Highbay fittings with daylight sensors as samples to show visitors how diverse the DISK can be.

The new ROBUS PRISMOID 120W LED Linear Hi-Racks were installed throughout aisle 3-4 replacing old 54W T5 fittings and providing excellent light output to the whole area. As it comes with a 30 x 70degree beam angle lens, this makes the PRISMOID the optimal solution for high racking applications. The specially designed aisle optic uses light more effectively which results in high energy and CO² savings greater than 50% which also complies with today’s building performance requirements.

The ROBUS DISK LED Highbay 100W and 160W fittings installed throughout the aisles 5-6 and 7-8 of the warehouse, suspended from high and medium ceiling heights proving how versatile and multi-functional the DISK is. The ROBUS DISK has a 1-10VCD Dimmable driver for switching or dimming by PIR, Microwave or Photocell sensors, giving you a variety of energy saving control options to choose from. This benefit allowed us to install two sample DISK Highbays with daylight sensors to add to the overall energy savings costs.

Double VULCAN 40W LED fittings were installed in the aisles 1-2 were a lower wattage was sufficient to light up the work area in place of the old 54W T5 fittings. Whilst the VULCAN provides the same mechanical performance as a traditional corrosion proof fitting, they also produce substantial energy savings of up to 50% and provide a long-life span significantly reducing the excessive costs associated with traditional tube changes and labour.

The ROBUS CASEY 120W LED Lowbays was installed just outside our Customised Conversions department with daylight sensors controlled by a remote control set to pick up motions. These CASEY Lowbays dim to 10% when no motion is detected and return to 100% when motion is detected, again, allowing us to save big on energy costs.

The new ROBUS LED fittings installed in the LED Group warehouse in these areas alone will return a payback of €3,053 per year!

Total Savings


Payback Period

1 year


Savings based on operational costs supplied at time of installation.

Although the old fittings were adequate, the new lighting has definitely improved the brightness in the warehouse. There is a significant difference with the new lighting in racks 1-9 compared to the old T5 fittings previously installed.

- Paul Cunningham, Safety Officer for ROBUS

LED Group ROBUS Warehouse Lighting LED Group ROBUS Warehouse Lighting LED Group ROBUS Warehouse Lighting LED Group ROBUS Warehouse Lighting LED Group ROBUS Warehouse Lighting LED Group ROBUS Warehouse Lighting

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