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All lighting should aim for the perfect balance of style and finish, size, weight and color temperature. Residential lighting tends to have a warmer feel than lighting designed for commercial spaces, which usually feature brighter, cooler light. Downlights create a cosy atmosphere and spotlights can be used to highligh family portraits. ROBUS have residential light fittings to suit every need. 

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ROBUS fittings have been successfully installed in 40 countries for the past 34 years. Simple installation, significant energy savings and ‘fit and forget’ solutions are key for any application area and we have products to cater for all.

Lighting your Home

There's no need to spotlight every object or surface in a home; instead, lighting that creates a nice glow or lighting that allows you to perform a task in a specific area is needed. No one wants harsh light shining onto them when they’re at the bathroom sink in the morning.

Lighting your Garden

Placing light fittings throught in a Garden space will ensure it receives full use especially in the summer months.  Make use of a walkway around the garden at night by illuminating a path. Go with bollard lamps dotted along the edge at regular intervals, or opt for a less formal design by using lamps. 

Seating areas tend to get a lot of attention when it comes to lighting, so it’s easy to forget about the rest of the garden. Avoid the prospect of staring into darkness by placing lights around every part of the outdoor space. 

On a decked terrace, it’s a nice idea to install recessed LEDs in the boards. They can be positioned in a line along one board. 

ROBUS Case Study: Private Home, Ranelagh, Dublin, Ireland. 

ROBUS Case Study: Private Home, Arklow, Ireland. 

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