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Toilet Alarm

This simple yet effective alarm system is an absolute necessity for all disabled toilet facilities. Consideration should also be given to installing this kit into toilets and bathrooms that may be used by the elderly, the young, or people who may have conditions where urgent assistance may be required. Low voltage interconnections between the components of the kit make installation simple and safe.


    • Complete kit comprising:
    • Ceiling mounted activation unit with pull cord and 2 position handles
    • Toilet installed reset panel
    • Over-door light and sounder


    • Ensures alarm can be activated from toilet seat height and at ground level if required
    • Attracts attention by both light and sounder
    • Intermittent or continuous for best effect
    • Provides 24hrs typical backup if power fails

This kit is ideal for installation in toilets or bathrooms in: ● Shops ● Commercial buildings ● Public buildings ● Sports facilities ● Cinemas ● Sheltered housing ● Care homes ● Schools ● Granny flats ● Assisted living establishments ● Health centres


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