REX Exit box

This exit box is specifically designed for an LED light source, rather than a traditional bulky exit box adapted for LED, resulting in this attractive and slim emergency fitting. It has a long rated LED life and uses the latest energy efficient LED’s to contribute to substantial energy savings which reduces the carbon footprint of our buildings.


    • This emergency exit box has a slim projection from the surface which means it won’t get knocked or damaged easily and looks neat and attractive
    • It utilises high quality LM80 and TM21 tested LED’s to provide high lumen output and a long LED rated life
    • High quality driver design ensures that the whole package provides a long service life
    • The fitting comes complete with a running man into door with UP, down, left and right arrow legends included which provides a complete signage solution “out of the box”
    • The legend is held in place in the front part of the fitting by small tabs which are easily opened to provide fast change of legend type if required
    • Having a legend height of 165mm allows the sign to be seen from up to 33m to aid exit route identification
    • For installation and electrical connection, the body needs to be split into front and base components. This is quickly and easily achieved by removing two securing screws on the bottom of the base
    • The front component of the body houses the legend and LED’s which has a plug connection to the main board for fast disconnection so the base can be installed
    • The base has 2 moulded entry points to allow wiring from the rear and a rubber grommet to reduce ingress of dust
    • It also has a recessed horizontal moulded channel the whole width of the fitting and a vertical channel from the top to allow the fitting to fit flush against a wall if cable entry is by surface wiring from the top or sides • It is a double insulated class 2 fitting which means there is no requirement to have an earth
    • Termination is facilitated by spring terminals which ensures there is always constant spring pressure on conductors, reducing the risk of bad connections causing hot spots and potential failure
    • Having 2 ports per terminal allows for loop in, loop out to other emergency fittings on the circuit
    • The fitting is pre-wired with a link between switched and permanent live terminals which provides maintained operation when connected and switched live or non-maintained operation when removed
    • Two keyhole shaped mounting points are available for fast and simple mounting with further screw points to stop the fitting being lifted off its mounting screws
    • The base also has an array of LED’s which provide illumination below the fitting for additional vision of the local area
    • Three 1.2V AA batteries form the battery pack which can be quickly unplugged from the main board for future replacement
    • An LED provides green charging status information and indicates that there is a mains supply going to the unit

Application areas:

  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels, bars and clubs, restaurants
  • Schools
  • Health centres, hospitals
  • Retail premises


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