SWISS Exit Blade

This traditional but aesthetically well designed Exit Blade Light provides a multitude of great benefits. It has 5 alternative mounting methods, uses state of the art LFP (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) battery technology and the latest energy efficient LED’s to contribute to substantial energy savings to reduce the carbon footprint of our buildings.


    • Emergency exit blade light complete with 128mm height legend blade sign with running man into door and UP or DOWN arrow
      • Provides illuminated direction of exit which is viewable from up to 26m
    • Small footprint dimensions
      • Neat and unobtrusive but provides clear signage
    • Polycarbonate construction
      • Strong and durable so will not easily get damaged
    • Includes accessories for 5 mounting methods
      • Ceiling surface mounted
      • Wall end mounting (arm) using 1 bracket
      • Wall surface mounted using 2 brackets
      • Post surface mounted using 1 bracket
      • Suspension wire mounted
        • Allows a number of alternative mounting options
        • The same universal fitting can be used in different ways in different areas of the building
    • Utilises high quality MLS SMD LED’s
      • Provide bright light output in emergency mode, long LED life and low power consumption
    • LED colour temperature of 7,500K
      • Provides total light colour contrast to the darkness of power failure or smoke filled area so exit direction is more easily seen
    • LiFePO4 (Lithium Ferro Phosphate) battery technology
    • Provides:
      • Fast Charge
      • Slow discharge when not connected to mains
      • A high number of charge/discharge cycles
      • 3 hour emergency light output
    • Permanent live, switch live, earth and neutral input terminals
      • Provides Maintained functionality by default
    • Shorting jumper
      • Removal of the jumper provides non-maintained functionality
      • Provides provision for termination of switched live and earth conductors
    • Manual test switch
      • The fitting can be tested manually on a regular basis without the need to turn off general lighting
    • Green status LED
      • Visual indication that the fitting is charging

Application areas: 

  • Offices
  • Public buildings
  • Hotels, bars and clubs, restaurants
  • Schools
  • Health centres, hospitals
  • Retail premises


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