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LED Lamp

Innovative TÜV certified LED lamps with standard E27, GX53 ,R7s, GU10 or G9 lamp holder to get a very efficient LED lighting system. Heatsink and driver are built-in the lamps. LED modules can be eacily replaced without the help of a qualified technician. Available in different wattage versions and colour temperature. Moreover combining in series Fumagalli GX53 lamps you get a powerful and efficient public lighting system both on classic and modern luminaries.


    • Power surges resistant
      • Wide voltage range (100-240V) to protect the driver both from voltage droop and voltage overshoot, which are quite frequent in case of outdoor installatons
      • Double 400V capacitors and multple resistances to withstand power surges
      • Silicone paste to avoid - in case of voltage swings - the vibraton of the electronic components of the driver and the consequent risk of components unsoldering
    • Heat resistant - Working temperature -30°+80°C
      • Gold wire bonding: Chips connected by pure gold wires, which are able to withstand at the highest and lowest temperatures and at temperature fluctuations between day and night. The gold wire bonding can grant a lumens maintenance factor >80%
      • Silicone paste: Thermoconductive silicone paste with metal powder inside for helping heat dissipation and avoid overheating problems and for protecting the electronic components in case of high and low temperatures
    • Humidity resistant - Weatherproof driver for a longer lifetime
      • Silicone paste: The driver is fully enclosed in a special silicone paste, which ensures the highest driver protection against moisture and humidity up to 90%, both unavoidable in outdoor installations
    • Certificates
      • LVD Certificate
      • EMC Certificate
      • ERP Attestation of conformity
      • IECEE CB Certificate
      • RoHS REACH compliant


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