This modern looking fitting has an “All Around” IP65 rating and provides solutions for high mounting height lighting applications in many diverse environments. Making huge energy savings compared to traditional light sources, even greater savings can be achieved using the standard dimmable driver and optional ROBUS sensors.



    • The body is manufactured from die-cast aluminium for excellent heat management to enhance LED and driver life 
    • This also means that it’s strong and durable with a high impact rating so it’s not so easily damaged by the occasional fork-lift knock or sporting activities.
    • The product utilises a Polycarbonate Lens cover with seal which means the impact rating is much higher, beneficial for use in sports or industrial applications and has an IP65 rating so can be installed in damp or dusty environments
    • The rear of the body has several pre-drilled and tapped fixing holes where an additional safety mounting wire can be attached if required
    • A black powder coat finish ensures the fitting will always look good without aluminium oxidisation
    • All fixings are stainless steel
    • The fitting has a stainless steel mounting eye with locking screw and is pre-wired with 2m of 3 core flexible rubber cable & Swift Connector so provides for fast and simple mounting and connection
    • Surface Mounting Brackets are also available for alternative mounting options
    • The design utilises LM80 & TM21 independently tested SMD LED’s for
      • Exceptional light output to replace MH “one for one”
      • Low power consumption for 50% energy savings
      • Up to 5 times longer life than MH, providing huge lamp change, labour & access equipment cost savings
    • The fitting has an integral high quality 1-10VDC dimmable constant current driver for standard on/off switching, or with optional Daylight Harvest Sensor, provides automatic daylight linked dimming to further reduce energy consumption 
    • Utilising Solid state technology means that it: 
      • Is rugged with no heat filaments or electrodes to prematurely fail due to building vibration & hot to cold temperature variations
      • Can be switched by external microwave, PIR or photocell
      • Has no warm-up or cool-down time so can have short time delay switching for even greater energy savings
    • The PowerBay has a wide operating ambient temperature range so is:
      • Ideal for unheated buildings and those that may have a wide variation in day to night temperatures
      • Suitable for installation in hot environments such as steel processing or colder areas such as chilled rooms or Freezer Applications


  • Warehouses & storage areas
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing & Assembly areas
  • Bus or coach garages
  • Gymnasiums & sports halls
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Shopping centres & superstores
  • Airports buildings


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