Studio 12W LED downlight, White, CCT selectable 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, dimmable

Features & Benefits

    • Suitable for use in offices, healthcare centres, hospitals, shops, hotels, restaurants, schools and universities
    • The fitting can be either recessed or surface mounted
    • Adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket allowing mounting in cut outs of 55-125mm
    • LED replacement for 2x13W PL fluorescent downlights
    • CCT selectable between 3000K, 4000K and 6500K using switch on the back of the fitting
    • Polycarbonate housing with polystyrene diffuser
    • Comes with magnet to allow easy clip-on mounting of accessory trims
    • Prewired with 170mm flex
    • High efficacy of 77-84lm/W
    • Operating ambient temperature of -20øC to +40øC
    • Suitable for switching by PIR, Microwave or Photocell
Cap TypeLED
Total Power (Mkt)12.5/12.8/12.6
Lumens (lm) (Mkt)970/1080/990
Beam Angle (Mkt)110
Lamp Life (Hrs)20000
Number of LEDs112 (2x28S2P)
Comparable To2x13W PL
CRI (Mkt)80
CCT (K) (Mkt)3000/4000/6500
Efficacy (lm/cctW) - Mkt77/84/79
Lux at 1m (Mkt)330/370/340
Power Factor (Mkt)0.9
Cut Out (mm)55-125
Diameter (mm)165
Unit Weight / kg0.2
Height (mm)15
Alternatives (3)
RSD12CCT3M-01 3000K-Photometrics.IES 30KB
RSD12CCT3M-01 3000K-Photometrics.LDT 35KB
RSD12CCT3M-01 4000K-Photometrics.IES 30KB
RSD12CCT3M-01 4000K-Photometrics.LDT 35KB
RSD12CCT3M-01 6500K-Photometrics.IES 31KB
RSD12CCT3M-01 6500K-Photometrics.LDT 31KB
STUDIO-EU-RSDXXCCT3M-01-ROBUS Product Information Document-20191107 FR.pdf 524KB
STUDIO-EU-RSDXXCCT3M-01-ROBUS Product Information Document-20191107.pdf 504KB
STUDIO-RSDxxCCT3M-01.jpg 7.5MB
Studio_RSDxxCCT3-01_back.jpg 4.9MB
Studio_RSDxxCCT3-01_front.jpg 5.1MB
STUDIO - RSD12CCT3M-01 - UK_EU - Dimmer Compatibility List - 20191122.pdf 457KB
Instruction Manual for RSD12CCT3M-01 ISSUE 2.pdf 469KB