VEGAS 768W controller, IP20, RGBW, with wall mounted touch panel

Features & Benefits

    • RGB controller
    • Complete with wall mounted touch panel
    • Maximum distance between wall panel and controller of up to 20m
    • Use with VEGAS range of drivers
    • Controller voltage: 12-24VDC, safety Class III
    • Wall panel supply voltage 110-240V, safety Class II
    • Current: 4 Channels x 8A
    • Connection mode: common anode
3 Year Warranty
Safety class 2
Operating Voltage - 100 - 240V
IP Rating: 20
ECA eligible
Triple E registered
Cap Typena
Total Power (Mkt)768
Width (mm)86
Depth (mm)34
Length (mm)86
Unit Weight / kg0.3
Alternatives (1)
VEGAS-EU-RVAxxxxx-SYSTEM-ROBUS Product Information Document-20190712.pdf 862KB
ROBUS-VEGAS-Striplights-Brochure.pdf 3.7MB
VEGAS-EU-RVAxxxxx-SYSTEM-ROBUS Product Information Document-20190124 FR.pdf 896KB
Instruction Manual for RVARGBW-WP.pdf 253KB