This modern looking range of fittings with an “All Around” IP65 rating provide solutions for high, medium or low height lighting applications in many diverse environments. Making huge energy savings compared to traditional light sources, even greater savings can be achieved using the standard dimmable driver and optional Robus sensors.


    • There’s a complete energy saving range of lumen packages to replace traditional MH up to 400W
    • The range utilises a tempered glass cover with seal which means the glass will not be easily broken when used in sports or industrial applications and has an IP65 rating so can be installed in damp or dusty environments
    • The fitting has a stainless steel mounting eye with locking screw and is pre-wired with 1m of 3 core flexible rubber cable & SWIFT connector so provides for fast and simple mounting and connection
    • The ROBUS SONIC has a wide operating ambient temperature range so is ideal for unheated buildings and those that may have a wide variation in day to night temperatures
      This also makes it suitable for installation in hot environments such as steel processing or cold areas such as chilled or freezer applications

Application Areas:

  • Warehouses & storage areas
  • Factories
  • Manufacturing & Assembly areas
  • Bus or coach garages
  • Gymnasiums & sports halls
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Shopping centres & superstores
  • Airports buildings


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