HAWK 23W/35W Dual Wattage LED surface fitting, IP65, 420mm, White, 4000K

Features & Benefits

    • Fitting can be either 23W or 35W - dual-wattage driver delivering 2 light outputs selectable by a switch on the driver
    • Efficacy of 109-117lm/W to comply with Part L1 & L2 UK Building Regulations and eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances
    • Strong and durable IK10 rated diffuser/enclosure
    • 2x conduit side entry points for trunking positioned 180ø apart in both trim and base
    • Aesthetic design unity allows mix and match of HAWK and EAGLE light fittings at different sizes and lumen packages
    • Unique ""clip and detachable hinge"" EAGLET gear tray for easy installation and maintenance
    • Wide ambient operating temperature range of -20øC to +35øC
Cap TypeLED
Total Power (Mkt)21.4/34.4
Lumens (lm) (Mkt)2340/4020
Beam Angle (Mkt)120
Lamp Life (Hrs)50000
Number of LEDs231 (11S21P)
Comparable To55W to 2x38W 2D fluorescent
CRI (Mkt)80
CCT (K) (Mkt)4000
Efficacy (lm/cctW) - Mkt109/117
Lux at 1m (Mkt)780/1330
Power Factor (Mkt)0.97
Diameter (mm)420
Unit Weight / kg1.56
Height (mm)91
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