This great quality, TPb rated, high specification range of panels deliver excellent performance providing substantial energy savings for fast ROI. They replace traditional T8 and T5 lay-in modulars to provide energy efficient, but perhaps more importantly, low-maintenance solutions where constant replacement of fluorescent tubes can be avoided. The Thermoplastic rating of these panels reduce the risk of fire spread within a building.


    • There’s a full range of sizes and lumen packages available to provide a solution for most applications and ceiling grid layouts
    • They are slim with clean stylish lines with a white powder coat finish aluminium trim which ensures they always look good, are easy to clean and less likely to harbour germs or dirt and match most ceiling tile and grid T-bar colours
    • Available in Warm, Neutral or Cool White colour temperature options provides the light colour most suitable for the use of the lit space while providing a common aesthetic throughout. Warm white for a more relaxing breakout area with neutral white for task areas and cool white for more clinical applications
    • They utilise high quality SMD LED’s tested to IES LM80 and IES TM21 to verify LED and Luminaire rated life, consistent lumen output and colour temperature, low energy consumption and high efficacy
    • The fitting therefore provides low maintenance cost with no lamp changes, more light per watt than many similar LED fittings available, comparable light output to T5 so is a one for one replacement and provides compliance with current & future efficacy legislation
    • There is a universal DALI, Analogue and SwitchDim driver accessory available to provide functional dimming or greater energy savings through daylight harvesting
    • An emergency pack is available which provides high lumen output, almost double that of many competitor fittings, to allow safe traverse and exit of the building on power failure
    • A high quality PP thermoplastic diffuser ensures that light transmission is maximised into the lit space and provides a TPb rating to comply with fire regulations in commercial buildings. It also reduces glare allowing the fittings to comply with the UGR required for small offices and corridors
    • Utilising solid-state lighting technology with no heat filaments or electrodes, they are less susceptible to failure due to building vibration caused by traffic or hot to cold temperature changes
    • “Instant on” and no cool down period means they can be switched by microwave, PIR and/or photocell which provides even greater energy savings when lighting is not required. Short time switching reduces life of traditional light sources
    • Advanced driver architecture design provides a low flicker light output to reduce eye discomfort and fatigue and associated headaches or drowsiness for more susceptible people
    • To aid mounting, a range of surface mount boxes, recess kits and suspension solutions are available for solid, apex or suspended ceiling applications
    • Installation is fast and simple with the use of traditional large terminals providing loop in, loop out functionality to other fittings

Applications Areas:

  • Offices
  • Hospitals & Health Centres
  • Shops
  • Hotels
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Receptions
  • Inspection areas


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