This great looking recessed downlight replaces traditional 2 x 18W and 2 x 26W PL fittings on a one for one basis. With no replacement lamp costs and energy savings approaching 50% these fittings make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. A recessed SMD light engine and slightly narrower beam angle makes this fitting particularly suitable for display or accent lighting while reducing glare to less than UGR19 for most lighting designs. Comes with a black connector that works with the R3EMPK-PSU emergency pack and HYTRONIC DALI (HED2040-D) and with a SWIFT connector.


    • High quality powder coated pressed aluminium body and trim
    • High reflectance 50-degree silvered reflector with combined faceted and smooth finish
    • Strong stainless-steel springs clips
    • With protective rubber pads
    • High lumen low power alternative to 2 x 18W and 2 x 26W PL
    • Utilises high quality MTC Optronics independently tested LM80 SMD LED’s
    • Industry standard TM21 extrapolation method is used to accurately determine Rated LED Life
    • LM79 tested to produce accurate lighting design files
    • Neutral white light colour with high Colour Rendering Index
    • State of the Art electronic driver with secondary plug and play connector to the fitting
    • Primary side has 300mm of 2-core flex and Swift 4 pole male/female connector with large terminals and spacious connection area
    • Solid State technology with no heat filaments or electrodes
    • Wide ambient operating temperature range


    • Great aesthetics with clean look
    • Provides high efficiency light output
    • Uniform light distribution without dark areas
    • Low glare and UGR ≤19 for most installations
    • Ensures the fitting is pulled up close to the ceiling – neat finish
    • No brown rust staining if used in damp voids
    • Ceiling is not damaged during installation
    • A lumen for lumen replacement so ideal for one for one retrofit
    • High efficacy with almost 50% energy savings
    • Many suppliers quote LED lifetime performance without being able to substantiate the information
    • Results from our rigorous testing show these fittings to have:
      • High initial lumen output for maximum fitting utilisation
      • Low lumen depreciation over time for long effective life
      • Constant colour temperature and CRI without shift for long life light uniformity and quality • Exceptionally long Rated LED Life for low maintenance costs
    • Ideal light colour for task-oriented applications
    • High quality light for excellent colour reproduction
    • Provides optimum drive current for maximum LED light output and long life
    • Plug and play connectors between fitting and driver and driver to mains supply make for fast and simple electrical installation
    • Swift connector provides for loop in/out of 3 conductors/pole
    • No failures due to cold to hot to cold cycles or building vibrations
    • Instant On” - can be used with PIR’s, microwaves or photocells
    • Suitable for use in extremes of hot or cold temperatures

Application areas: • Retail shops • Shopping centre circulation areas • Museums and art galleries • Exhibition and display stands • Restaurants • Reception areas


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