PETITE Single Circuit Spot & Kit

These high quality single circuit track kits provide the option of the Acorn enclosed, or the Petite open version of track head. Both kits are complete with 1m of track, 3 track heads and 3 x 50W Halogen lamps so provide a readymade solution for illumination in many areas. Rated at 16 amps, the track may be extended using the joiners and direction changing accessories, and additional fittings in the range to accommodate more complex and bespoke designs. Suitable for domestic, commercial, entertainment or retail type applications. 


    • Robus 2 Year Warranty 
    • Simple twist and lock provides track head mechanical & electrical connection to track
    • Fittings can be installed at any point along the track
    • Fittings have adjustable heads
    • Additional fittings, lengths of track, joiners, and direction changing accessories available
    • Extended range of metal halide and LV heads available


    • Complete solution for areas requiring illumination providing:
    • High quality track finish which is light and easy to install
    • Attractive good quality track heads complete with lamps
    • Fast and simple installation requiring only one electrical supply
    • Nothing else required
    • Choice of colour to match decor
    • Heads may be ideally positioned to provide the best lighting effect
    • Light can be directed through 360 degrees
    • Provides confidence that it is a high quality, long life product

Application Areas: ● Dining and kitchen areas ● Bedrooms ● Shop window and Gondola displays ● Restaurants ● Hotels, pubs ● Showrooms ● Entertainment venues ● Hairdressers & salons


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