SWISS 1.5W Maintained Emergency Exit Blade Light, Standard, with multiple mounting options

Features & Benefits

    • Suitable for use in offices, public buildings, hotels, bars and clubs, restaurants, schools, health centres, hospitals
    • 4-year warranty for the fitting and 2-year for the battery
    • Maintained exit blade with maximum 26 m viewing distance visibility
    • 3 hour emergency discharge from Lithium Ferrophosphate battery
    • Multiple versatile wall and ceiling surface mounting options (five-in-one)
    • Includes one legend blade: running man into door with UP arrow
    • Legend blade accessories for DOWN and LEFT/RIGHT arrow available
Cap TypeLED
Total Power (Mkt)1.4
Lumens (lm) (Mkt)6
Beam Angle (Mkt)120
Lamp Life (Hrs)30000
Number of LEDs15 (15S)
Comparable To26 Metre viewing distance Exit Blade
CRI (Mkt)80
CCT (K) (Mkt)6500
Efficacy (lm/cctW) - Mkt5
Power Factor (Mkt)0.5
Width (mm)267
Depth (mm)34
Length (mm)170
Unit Weight / kg0.21
Height (mm)34
Alternatives (1)
RSS1P5-01 - Ceiling Mounted.jpg 4.8MB
RSS1P5-01 - Suspended Mounted.jpg 714KB
RSS1P5-01 - Wall Mounted 1.jpg 1.5MB
RSS1P5-01 - Wall Mounted 2.jpg 2.4MB
RSS1P5-01 - Wall Mounted 3.jpg 1.3MB
RSS1P5-01-Photometrics.IES 27KB
RSS1P5-01-Photometrics.LDT 34KB
Instruction Manual for RSS1P5 ISSUE 1.pdf 555KB
SWISS-EU-RSS1P5-ROBUS Product Information Document-20190905.pdf 449KB