This new range of Commercial LED Downlights benefit from the massive improvements in LED and driver performance developments of recent times. Outstanding light output combined with low power consumption make the range one of the most frugal available, reducing the fittings needed, resulting in a low building carbon footprint.


    • The Virtue is a very slim fitting which means it can easily be installed in ceilings with shallow voids. It can also be placed where required rather than to suite impinging services in the void such as air-conditioning ducting and pipework
    • The fitting has a white powder coated die-cast aluminium trim with wide flange which helps cover badly cut or existing hole cut-outs and provides an attractive contemporary aesthetic
    • The black finish aluminium housing increases the heat dissipation properties of the fitting for cooler LED operating temperatures to enhance long life
    • An opal polycarbonate diffuser allows optimum light transmission with good uniformity whilst reducing eye discomfort glare
    • A silicone rubber seal is included around the trim which provides an IP54 rating from the underside so allows the fitting to be installed in dusty or environments with water spray
    • A pair of strong spring clips are used to hold the fitting close to the ceiling surface without any unsightly gaps
    • Independently 850 degree glow-wire tested provides additional safety for building users in the event of a fire
    • The mains side of the driver is pre-wired with 1.5m flex and 4 pin Swift connector which has provision for permanent live and loop in/out connection for fast, simple & reliable connection.
    • The secondary side of the driver has a flex and 2 pin connector to the fitting allowing the fitting to be connected at a later stage of the install without being damaged during the fit-out
    • Excellent quality LM80 and TM21 tested SMD LED's are used which compared to PL provide:
      • High luminous flux comparable to traditional PL so is a one for one replacement with no additional points to install
      • Low power consumption making savings of over 60%
      • High efficacy and long Rated LED Life with low lumen depreciation so there are no annoying dark areas where traditional lamps have failed
    • The LED’s are 4,000 Kelvin colour temperature which provide a good balance of correct light colour conducive to task work while not being too cold and clinical
    • The LED light source is Solid State Technology so:
      • Emits very little heat so reduces air conditioning costs
      • Are compatible with PIR, photocell & microwave switching for greater energy savings
      • Provide instant on" for instant visibility
      • Are rugged with no filaments to prematurely fail due to building vibration or hot/cold ambient temperature cycles
    • The fitting has a high quality constant current driver which provides a stable drive current for non-dimming applications, with an optional universal dimmable driver available for manual functional, analogue or DALI digital dimming for “daylight harvesting”
    • A wide ambient temperature operating range allows the fitting to be installed in cool or hot environments such as care homes
    • Further options include a can for surface mounting where the ceiling does not allow for recessing and a plug & play emergency pack to provide visibility for safe exit on power failure

Applications Areas:

  • Offices
  • Receptions
  • Meeting rooms
  • Corridors
  • Retail sales areas
  • Showrooms
  • Restaurants, bars and pubs


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