This impressive IP65 amenity fitting utilises the latest SMD LED technology to provide exceptional lighting performance using a fraction of the energy consumed by traditional 2D light source fittings. Huge savings in maintenance and traditional lamp change costs are achieved to provide very short paybacks, particularly where switching by integral sensor is employed which reduces traditional lamp life considerably.


    • Robus 3 Year Warranty
    • Utilises 100 high quality Refond SMD LED’s which provide:
      • High luminous flux
      • Low power consumption
      • High efficacy
    • Colour temperature of 4000k with high CRI
    • Solid state technology
    • Version with integral microwave sensor rated at 100W
      • When mounted at 3m has detection range of 12m
      • Off time delay 5s to 20 minutes
      • Photocell inhibit from 5 lux to daylight
      • Sensitivity selection of 10%, 50% or 100%


    • Provides long life of 50,000 hours with zero maintenance or annoying dark areas, often the case where traditional 2D lamps have failed
    • Comparable light output to replace 2D prismatic “one for one”
    • Uses <10W making energy savings of over 65% compared to 2D
    • Provides up to 80 lumens for every watt used complying with Part L
    • All the above help to provide very low energy and maintenance costs through life with paybacks achieved in months
    • Cool light colour & high CRI for clear visibility, ideal for security lighting
    • Rugged – No heat filaments or electrodes to prematurely fail through vibration & temperature variations
    • Can be switched by microwave, PIR and/or photocell to provide even greater energy savings without detriment to LED life

Application Areas: Retail Shops • Public Buildings • Stairwells • Sports centres • Walkways • Corridors • Communal areas


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