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Do you know what the regulations are when it comes to Fire rating?

Typically, the requirement for ceilings are either 30, 60 or 90 minutes and in each instance, the ceiling joist spacing, and plasterboard specification will be configured to achieve the required duration of fire resistance.

In compliance with these regulations, ROBUS offer a complete range of fire rated downlights, all of which fulfil building construction regulations and have full independent certification for fire protection of all ceiling construction types.

All ROBUS Fire Rated Downlights have been tested within 30, 60 or 90-minute ceilings and designed to preserve the integrity of a ceiling in the event of a fire. They have a metal can at the rear containing intumescent material which expands under extreme heat to form a seal within the light housing. This stops flames taking hold of vulnerable ceiling cutouts allowing the fire to pass through the downlight and so delays a floor collapse, providing crucial evacuation time for upstairs occupants.

The ROBUS Ramada 8.5W Fire Rated Downlight 3000K is compliant with Building Regulations Parts B, C and E with an operating temperature range of -20°C to +45°C. It is perfect for domestic dining, living & bedroom, hotel & office receptions, restaurants, bars, clubs or showrooms. It has some fantastic features; a 60° beam angle, an IP65 rating and it’s dimmable. It also comes with White and Brushed Chrome trims. Other product details include:

  • Complete with a 3-way terminal block with large terminals for loop in loop out
  • Integrated insulation frame enabling insulation to be laid over
  • High efficacy of 69lm/W 
  • Passes 850°C glow wire test

ROBUS offer a complete range of Fire Rated Downlights, see below:

ROBUS Fire Rated Downlights

RAMADA LED Fire Rated Downlight

TRIUMPH ACTIVATE Tilt LED Fire Rated Downlight

TRIPLEX LED CCT3 Selectable Fire Rated

STARLING Premium Fire Rated Downlight

COMPACT Fire Rated Downlight

ROBIN Premium Fire Rated Downlight

ROBIN Premium Fire Rated Downlight – Shower

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