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ROBUS Exhibits to high level Facility Managers at FM Ireland

FM Ireland meets the needs of those responsible for managing commercial, industrial, retail and other large facilities. ROBUS products by LED Group are used in a variety of large scale commercial and working environments, providing high quality, low-cost and energy efficient lighting solutions.

Facilities (including lighting) represent the biggest cost after salaries for many organisations. Energy efficient solutions, such as the ROBUS lighting range of over 200 products, can significantly reduce the costs of running an organisation.

Low maintenance, easy installation and corrosion are all factors to consider when installing light fixtures in industrial environments – the ROBUS Vulcan was popular with visitors, as it goes above and beyond on these deliverables, providing a low cost solution that’s built to last and perfect for demanding industrial environments.

Another hit was the state-of-the-art ROBUS Triumph Activate downlight range, available in 6w, 8w and 11w. Triumph Activate is the first true dimmable driver-on-board FRD on the market which increases LED lifetime and reliability. Triumph Activate is a very efficient technology and is significantly more reliable than separate, or driver ‘integrated’ into the fitting or heat sink. High lumen output, even light distribution and smooth dimming functionality make Triumph Activate a very versatile product, especially suited to communal environments.

Vulcan and Triumph Activate are just a sample of what ROBUS offers – see the full list of product with online catalogue here.

Facilities management makes the difference between poor and positive working conditions, be it in retail, factories or offices. ROBUS contributes to safe and productive working environments with high quality, low maintenance lighting solutions.

A sample of ROBUS clients includes Supermacs, National University of Ireland Galway, Cardiff University and Harvey’s Furniture stores. Click here for further information on how ROBUS provides cost-saving solutions.

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