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ROBUS move towards LiFePo4 Battery Technology

What makes LiFePo4 different from most other lithium types, is that its composition uses no cobalt oxide. There are many benefits of LiFePo4 battery technology, particularly for high power applications. These include safety and stability. LiFePo4 is an extremely stable lithium chemistry when compared to almost all other lithium batteries. The LiFePo4 battery cells overheat far less than standard cells. Lithium phosphate cells are incombustible, meaning they can accept some overcharging which greatly reduces the risk of fire. LiFePo4 batteries can also withstand harsh weather conditions. 

The LiFePo4 cells charge faster than oxide cells. As the battery takes a shorter length of time to fully charge it means that lighting products incorporating the LiFePo4 battery can be used very soon after installation or emergency use. They also offer a slower discharge when not connected to mains. This results in a longer lifetime cycle and prolonged emergency duration. LiFePo4 has double the amount of charge/discharge cycles than most traditional types of battery technology, such as Ni_MH. >2000.

Another benefit of LiFePo4 battery technology is that it’s light weight. LiFePo4 batteries offer large amounts of power for their weight. The lighter the fitting the easier it is to install/carry.


New ROBUS Additions with LiFePO4 Technology:



ROBUS launched the ROBUS HARBOUR LED Corrosion Proof in September 2019. The ROBUS HARBOUR corrosion proof fittings consist of a high quality Tridonic constant current driver which ensures optimum LED performance, life and reliability. Available in a range of lengths (0.6m to 1.8m), wattages and lumen packages this is a fantastic range.

A 3 Hour Plug-in Emergency Pack with LiFePo4 can be bought as an accessory to this already very impressive light fitting. The high quality LiFePo4 battery provides a 3-hour emergency discharge duration for the ROBUS HARBOUR batten.


Plug-in Emergency Pack



LiFePo4 battery is also a feature of the new ROBUS SWISS EXIT BLADE. This provides a high-quality battery in a slim design with a 3-hour emergency output. The ROBUS SWISS is very versatile with 5 alternative mounting methods; ceiling surface mounted, wall end mounting (arm) using 1 bracket, wall surface mounted using 2 brackets, post surface mounted using 1 bracket or suspension wire mounted.

The use of LiFePo4 technology contributes to substantial energy savings to reduce the carbon footprint of your buildings. This is great as emergency lights need to be switched on all the time. This fitting has a sleek design and fits in well with interiors of offices, shops, hotels, bars, schools etc. Alongside its appearance, the ROBUS SWISS is an extremely effective Emergency Blade and will provide ideal illumination to direct people to exits.  It’s a great option if you are looking to update your emergency fittings. 




The ROBUS REX Self-Test version has LiFePo4 batteries. The self-test version has a manual test button on the side of the fitting which will initiate a functional emergency test outside the scheduled automated tests. This results in major savings on time, money and maintenance while still meeting the safety standards. The ROBUS REX exit box is specifically designed for an LED light source, rather than a traditional bulky exit box adapted for LED, resulting in this attractive and slim emergency fitting.


To Conclude:

LiFePo4 technology has proven to be very beneficial for emergency products; it is safe, stable, lightweight, and fast charging. ROBUS intend to incorporate this technology in any new emergency products going forward and would highly recommend updating your fittings and investing in LiFePo4 technology.

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