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ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip Calculator now available!


The ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip Calculator is an easy step-by-step online tool designed to help you quickly generate a list of parts needed to complete lighting projects using ROBUS VEGAS LED flexi-strip. There are many products in the ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-strip range and this calculator gives you a complete list of the products you need within seconds!

First, select the type of VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip by filtering list of available products by their IP rating, number of colours and colour temperature.

Based on your choice of ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip and the length of the strip, the VEGAS LED Flexi-strip Calculator will return the optimum number of drivers, amplifiers and controllers to meet your project requirements.

Your choice of suitable controller can turn your project to a real lighting experience. You can choose between a wall panel, a remote controller or a WiFi controller. For CCT1 strips a dimmer switch is also available.

Select from a range of aluminium extrusions to add to protection and style of your LED strips.

Accessories, such as easy clips, glue and heat shrink are also available. You can type in the quantities you need, and you’re done.

After you complete the selection process, a blue button will appear. Click on it and it will take you to a Preview screen where you can amend the results according to your needs. Here, you can also print the list or save it to your device as a pdf file. Share your details to send the pdf to your email or, in a click of a button, get in touch with ROBUS Internal Sales to provide you with a quote.

We are confident the ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip Calculator will make your lives easier. Take a look for yourselves by visiting https://robus.com/tools/vegas-led-flexi-strip-calculator

Vegas LED Flexi-Strip Calculator | ROBUS

Use the filter to select the flexi-strip you want.

Vegas LED Flexi-Strip Calculator | ROBUS

You can skip the filter and choose straight from the list.

Select your controller and let the calculator find the drivers and the amplifiers you need.

Aluminium profiles come in a 2m lengths and the calculator will tell you how many you need.

Vegas LED Flexi-Strip Calculator | ROBUS

Add the accessories you need by using the + and - buttons or simply click on the number and type in your desired quantity.

Vegas LED Flexi-Strip Calculator | ROBUS

Press the blue button to review your calculation. Download the Vegas LED Flexi-Strip brochure and you will find all you need to know about the Vegas range.

Amend the quantities as you wish in this Preview window. 

Print the result, save it, send it to yourself as a pdf or ask ROBUS Internal Sales for a quote, with a single click.

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