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A smart new look, for a smart new website

ROBUS are proud to announce that we have launched a redesign of our website.

The smart new design is focused on improving user experience and making navigation through the site easier and faster for all visitors. Following feedback from website visitors, customers and employees we’ve made changes to make sure they can find what they want, faster.
Here are some of the changes we’ve made:

Improved mobile experience

We’ve worked hard to enhance the user experience on different devices. We’ve made changes to the menus to help with navigation, as well as improving the design, so browsing our sites on a mobile or tablet is a much smoother experience. The new website is mobile oriented, feels good in your hand, is easy to navigate and loads faster than the previous one. This means browsing on the go is much easier.

Improved user-friendly interface

Visitors can now easily navigate through the website exploring the new content in a seamless way.

Larger product images

All ROBUS products and their details are now easier to see. We have increased the resolution of all images being displayed. 

The redesign includes a complete overhaul of the layout, structure and navigation of our site.

Application areas

We have included an area which focusses on Application Areas. This will help those looking for products to suit a specific application such as Corporate, Education, Hospitality etc. All ROBUS product that are recommended for a specific Application Area are now displayed within their relevant section. This categorisation will take visitors to products they need faster.

Connected to ROBUS Direct (our stockist’s online ordering portal)

The new site now has a direct link to www.robusdirect.com, our online ordering system. Wholesale stockists who have an account with us already can now go directly from any product page on our website to ordering in ROBUS Direct with a single click.

Case Studies

All ROBUS Case Studies are now displayed in a much cleaner and attractive way. All Case Studies are labelled with product used and location making them easier to navigate.

Meet the Team

Finding a ROBUS Rep is now much easier as we have introduced new search functionality. Visitors simply need to start typing in the ‘Find a ROBUS Rep’ search field and suggested search terms will appear.
In the ‘Meet the Team’ section, All ROBUS Areas Sales Managers (Reps) and team members are now displayed in a more user-friendly way. Photos, names, and contact details are displayed within easily identifiable sections.

We are very proud of the improvements that have been made and hope you find them useful. A launch like this symbolises the end of many months of hard work, but websites are never finished. This launch is also the beginning of a phase in our website’s evolution in which we will continuously develop new features and improve existing ones. We already have a list of things that we want to do but we would love to hear your thoughts to help guide us when making more improvements in the future.

If you have any feedback, please do get in touch by emailing marketing@ledgrouprobus.com or just give us a call on 01 709 9000

New Look | ROBUS

A smoother browsing experience both on desktop and mobile

New Look | ROBUS

Easier navigation through the catalogue

New Look | ROBUS

Larger product images, Case Studies and Application Areas make it easier to find the best products for your lighting needs

New Look | ROBUS

Much easier to get in touch with a ROBUS representative

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