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The EAGLE and HAWK have landed - ROBUS launches new surface range

Perfect design used by da Vinci himself!

Designed with diffuser height, trim chamfer & trim wall in the golden ratio known since ancient Greece and popularised by Leonardo da Vinci, both products lead the way in LED defined design.
These perfectly proportioned LED surface light fittings are designed with aesthetic unity in mind to allow for mix and match of EAGLE and HAWK within a building or installation. EAGLE and HAWK provide a premium alternative to the bestselling ROBUS GOLF surface fittings range.

Swift as an eagle’s flight…the fastest install on the market!

Designed in consultation with contractors, EAGLE and HAWK boast the fastest install on the market, with a unique “clip and detachable hinge” EAGLET gear tray and internal SWIFT connector.


Available in small, medium and large and in a range of lumen packages, you can be sure that EAGLE and HAWK are ideal for any setting including corridors, stairwells, residential units, offices, shops, reception areas, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, public buildings, transport facilities.

Both fittings are available with 3-hour emergency functionality, are both suitable for PIR switching and are retro-convertible in minutes with EAGLET gear trays.

Security in light

Tough and durable, EAGLE and HAWK have IP65 ingress protection and IK10 impact rated diffuser/enclosure system in robust polycarbonate.
Security in light is guaranteed with HAWK’s anti-tamper trim accessories with retained anti-tamper TORX T20 screws.

Energy Saving & Cost Effective

With a high efficiency of ≥ 82 luminaires lm/cctW, EAGLE and HAWK are compliant with L1 & L2 UK Building Regulations and eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowances.
EAGLE and HAWK utilise proven long-life SMD 2835 LEDs to assure maximum lumen value to cost. With a 50,000-hour average lamp life, there’s a 65% energy saving when compared to standard fluorescent fittings.

An ecosystem of surface light fittings

EAGLE and HAWK are an ecosystem of light fittings with a unified aesthetic. They form a modular platform, future-proofed and adaptable. ROBUS will expand and develop the offerings on the EAGLE and HAWK platforms over the coming years, beginning with EIFFEL and GLOW in September 2016.

ROBUS Hawk and Eagle LEDs

The Eagle has landedEAGLE and HAWK are an ecosystem of surface lighting platforms, designed to mathematical principles in a modern aesthetic, using all the advantages of LED technology. EAGLE and HAWK allow the lighting designer to create an aesthetic unity of surface lighting design within all the interior and exterior spaces of a building, using a range of sizes and flux packages.

Pat Kelly: Research, Development and Innovation director at LED Group


ROBUS is also introducing the EIFFEL and GLOW alongside the EAGLE and HAWK range: EIFFEL emits blue light to discourage anti-social behaviour and GLOW provides a specialised saturated red light that’s perfect for use in retail outlets, dressing rooms and beauty salons. EIFFEL and GLOW will be available in Q3 2016.

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