Enable Ireland, Cork

Enable Ireland recently chose the ROBUS VEGAS LED FLEXI-STRIP for their newest building in Lavanagh Centre, Curaheen, Co. Cork, Ireland.

The Lavanagh Centre provides a wide range of services for over 600 children with physical/sensory disabilities and their families living in Cork City and County. The seven-acre site in Curraheen includes a Children’s Services Centre with assessment and treatment facilities, a hydrotherapy pool, meeting rooms, preschool supports, an accessible playground and family facilities. Also, on the site is Lavanagh House, a children’s respite house, where children with disabilities can develop their independence skills while giving their families a break.

Enable Ireland were determined to create a colourful, child-friendly interior design to provide a welcoming place for the children and their families who attend the new centre for a range of therapy, social and educational services. As the lobby is the first room that visitors enter, it was the most important area to consider given it forms peoples first impressions. As you can see from the pictures the ceiling of the lobby is long and wide with circular feature sections protruding out from the ceiling.

Enable Ireland wanted a product that would transform this space by working with the existing features. They visited their local electrical wholesaler to look for a suitable fitting for the lobby area. They wanted something fun to fit with the circular features. The wholesaler suggested ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi Strip lights as they could be cut to length and installed around shapes.

Enable Ireland worked with contractor Emerald Electrical for the project and took advantage of the ROBUS VEGAS Cut-To- Length service provided by ROBUS. The contractor provided the project specifications and dimensions to the ROBUS Customised Conversions team who then cut, soldered and prepared the ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip for the project and arranged delivery. ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip was recessed underneath the main circle features and around the perimeter of the room. As you can see from the final images, the ROBUS LED Flexi-Strip worked perfectly in this room and met the vision Enable Ireland had for the lobby.

The whole project was completed using:

48 metres of the ROBUS VEGAS LED Strip 9.6 W 4000K in total. 3 of the VEGAS 100W, 24V, IP20 constant voltage driver, non-dimmable and 1 of the VEGAS 250W, 24V, IP20 constant voltage driver, non-dimmable. This project is a prime example of how versatile the new ROBUS VEGAS LED Flexi-Strip lighting range is and how the Cut to Length Service takes the hassle out of measuring and installation.

ROBUS also recently launched the VEGAS Calculator which also helps to make projects involving LED flexi-strip easier than ever. The VEGAS Calculator is a step-by-step online tool which helps users to quickly generate a list of parts needed to complete lighting projects using ROBUS VEGAS LED flexi-strip.

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