How do you turn a space into a place? Welcome to lighting design.

Brightness, colour temperature, colour rendering, direction, lighting dynamics and placement are all essential elements lighting designers master. Each one is thoughtfully installed to create environments that positively impact people's moods, enhance their well-being, and support specific activities. At ROBUS, this is what we specialise in.

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Crafting Innovative Lighting Designs Across All Industries

We offer tailored lighting design services to take your space from functional to impactful. With experience working worldwide, we know just how to balance creativity with industry best practices for impressive results. And we’re always evolving our services! Did you know that we recently incorporated Luminaire Schedule into our offering? Jump to our FAQs at the bottom of this page for more information about our Luminaire Schedule and how to know the ideal lux levels for any room.

24-hour Turnaround for a Free Lighting Design Request

Ready to get started? Simply submit a request via our MyROBUS app you’ll receive a free, bespoke lighting design from our experts within 24 hours (for standard designs). Our skilled team will help you create the perfect lighting design for every project.

Why choose ROBUS for your lighting design needs?

Why choose ROBUS for your lighting design needs?

"A modern approach to lighting design goes beyond illumination; it’s a fusion of art and technology. We harness cutting-edge innovations to sculpt spaces, evoke emotions, and enhance functionality. With sustainability at its core, our designs are not just about light; they’re about transforming environments and shaping experiences.”

Rory Verbrugge, Lighting Design Manager

What happens after I request a lighting design via MyROBUS?

Meet the ROBUS Lighting Design team

Rory Verbrugge

I’m Rory, I have been with Robus for 6 years and I manage the Lighting Design Department. I am a qualified Building Services Engineer and I have been a design engineer for the last 12 years.

Lorena Sifuentes

I’m Lorena, I’ve started to work in National Lighting in 2022 as Sales Consultant and now I’m with ROBUS as Lighting Designer Junior. I have a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism and I have been working with lighting since 2014.

Kaio Bercan

I'm Kaio, I've been with ROBUS just over four years. I have successfully delivered many projects in various sectors such as healthcare, and education. My design style is heavily influenced by experience as an Electrical Engineering and extensive field experience.

Lighting Design in the palm of your hand
Take your lighting plan from Idea to design with the MyROBUS app.
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Lets Turn Your Lightbulb Moment into Cutting Edge Design

Connect directly with our experienced team of lighting designers today via the MyROBUS app. Simply fill out the in app form with the specs you need and we’ll create a tailored solution, saving you time and letting you focus on your business.


We use Relux Software

Relux is an industry leader when it comes to light planning software. With over 25 years of experience, they are the trusted partner of leading lighting manufacturer s worldwide. You can try this software for yourself with our Energy Saving Calculator or request a lighting design solution via MyROBUS which our expert team will process using Relux. ROBUS products in a premium Relux design? It’s the perfect combination for project success.