Mill Court Guernsey, UK

ROBUS worked on a lighting upgrade at Mill Court Guernsey for their split-level car park last year. The Mechanical and Electrical consultants for this project contacted ROBUS Project Engineer, John Ford, in the early stages and he guided the whole design process along with energy calculations in support of the proposal.

This multi-story car park is large and covered in most parts from daylight. Therefore, efficient luminaires were required to balance the lux levels between the covered area’s that received no daylight and the areas that were not covered and so received full daylight. The ROBUS VULCAN and ROBUS COSMIC met the requirements of the design brief and were selected for the carpark.

The main product used was the ROBUS VULCAN LED Corrosion Proof batten. This corrosion Proof batten was chosen for the covered spaces as it has efficacies of up to 126lm/cctW, provides energy savings of around 50% with 5-year warranty and boasts a rated LED life of 50,000 hours. A total of 142 ROBUS VULCAN fittings were installed, the majority of which were fitted to the ceilings. Some were also installed horizontally along the walls on the entry/exit ramps .

The ROBUS COSMIC Flood Light was also chosen for this project. The ROBUS COSMIC is the perfect choice for when durability is required. It is strong, durable, weather resistant and will not rust. It is available in a variety of wattages ranging from 3200 Lumens up to 24,700 Lumens. The ROBUS COSMIC was used in conjunction with the ROBUS VULCAN in order to balance the lux levels when there is no daylight present. The ROBUS CAELUM was placed outside on the edges of the covered sections of the car park with the purpose of projecting light onto the non-covered areas.

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