Grady Joinery, Co Mayo, Ireland

Total Savings


Payback Period

1 year


Savings based on operational costs supplied at time of installation.

Grady’s are continuously developing and have invested in the latest technology to test their products. The light output in the premises needs to be just right to take full advantage of this technology. As the phrase ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ is at the core of everything they do, Grady Joinery wanted to upgrade their previous luminaires to more energy efficient LED fittings. To avail of the SEAI grant, the fittings they chose needed to be on the Triple E register and so ROBUS fittings were an obvious choice.

Grady’s installed just under 700 ROBUS LED fittings! The ROBUS products installed were the DISK LED Highbay 160W, SULTAN LED 80W Corrosion Proof, ATMOS LED 600 X 600 Panels and the CAESAR LED 80W Battens.

ROBUS DISK LED Highbay and ROBUS LED SULTAN Corrosion Proof fittings were installed in all the production warehouses at Grady Joinery.


The ROBUS DISK LED Highbay 160W offers incredible light output making them the perfect solution for use in diverse environments such as these. 287 ROBUS DISK 160W fittings were installed throughout their warehouse space, suspended in high and medium ceiling heights to make sure light was focused directly on individual sections of the production lines and specific product area.

ROBUS SULTAN LED 80W Corrosion Proof fittings were chosen for areas with lower ceiling heights in Grady’s warehouses where a lower wattage was sufficient to light walkways and products. These fittings have a wide beam angle and distribute even light at any angle.

ROBUS SULTAN LED 80W Corrosion Proof fittings also come with a 3-year warranty and a lifetime of 50,000 hours which means that Grady’s would not only make huge energy savings, they would also save money on maintenance and disposal costs.

Showroom space

When it came to the showroom space, Grady’s needed a light fitting that would both suit the stylish environment and perfectly showcase the stunning features of each window and door on display. ROBUS ATMOS LED 600X600 panels are not only aesthetically pleasing, with their clean lines and design, they also deliver brilliant performance and last 5 times longer than that of a standard florescent. The ROBUS ATMOS LED 600X600 panels were also installed in the office space in Grady’s. Their head office staff now benefit from the low glare of the ROBUS ATMOS LED 600x600 panel as it reduces eye discomfort without jeopardising the quality of light.

Main Corridor

Finally, the ROBUS CAESAR LED Battens were used to light up the main corridor in Grady Joinery. This corridor joins two warehouses to the office areas. As this area is the only indoor connection for all staff to use to get to other parts of the building, it needed to be well lit. The ROBUS CAESAR LED Battens look fantastic and provide a strong even light throughout the space making all walls and corners of the walkway both clearly visible and safe. Not only will Grady’s reap the illumination benefits of their new high-quality LED fittings but the return on investment will result in a payback of a staggering €17,232.22 per annum!

Triple E

We are proud to include, the SEAI have confirmed that not only are Grady Joinery now Triple E registered, the whole project was the largest project completed in Ireland for the Smart Lighting Pilot Scheme in 2017! As this was a joint venture for LED Group ROBUS, Grady Joinery and Clifford Electrical demonstrates a fantastic result for everyone involved.

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