Modern, Sleek Energy Saving Lighting | Subway Lincolnshire, UK

Total Savings


Payback Period

5 years


4 Carbon Tonnes saved per 1.2 years

Network Maintenance Services chose ROBUS fittings for this lighting retrofit due to the vast range of modern lighting options to choose from that would suit the interiors and clean environment of the restaurant.

47 x fittings were installed in total: 1 x ROBUS Rockstar LED Downlight to highlight the Subway branding, 10 x SPACE LED Panel lights in the food preparation area and 36 x ETERNITY LED Downlights to light up the customer ordering area and dining areas.

By fitting these new LED fittings rather than traditional fluorescent light fittings, Subway can expect savings of more than £10,000 over a 5 year period as well as reducing labour and replacement hours.

The restaurant will save over 4 tonnes of carbon.

"From the outset of the project, Gary in ROBUS provided samples of the light fittings which enabled the client to make a fully informed, speedy decision. Everyone was happy with the Rockstar, Space Panel and the Eternity- a range of very modern sleek lighting that suited the clean environment of the restaurant. Although the LED fittings cost more than traditional fittings- they are clearly built to a high-quality standard and this could be quite easily seen especially in the sturdiness of the clips on the fittings. Both my client and I are very happy with the service and products from ROBUS.

  • Rob Widdison, Proprietor of Network Maintenance"

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