Alexander LED batten IP20

The Alexander LED batten provides a premium high-quality lighting solution to replace T5 and T8 traditional single and twin fluorescents. Available in a range of lengths, wattages and lumen packages it provides exceptional efficacy of around 120 luminaire lumens per circuit watt to ensure the Carbon Footprint of the building is minimised whilst reducing costs of maintenance and inconvenience associated with the unreliability of these light sources.


    • Complete range of lengths, wattages and lumen packages
    • Integral emergency available in all versions >600mm length
    • Includes BESA box mounting facility, pre-stamped surface fixing holes and suspension fixing points
    • White powder coated pressed steel two-part housing with retaining screws and removable nylon supporting straps between them
    • The base contains the driver and termination area with 4 large terminals
    • The LED housing section has a 4-pin plug connecting it to the driver supply
    • Opal polycarbonate diffuser
    • Utilises XUYU high quality LM80 tested and approved SMD LED’s
    • Uses the industry standard TM21 extrapolation method to accurately determine Rated LED life
    • Solid state technology and Robus optimised driver design
    • Wide ambient operating temperature range


    • Provides solutions to replace all sizes of T5 and T8 fittings on a one for basis with improved lighting performance and efficiency
    • Provides emergency light outputs greater than most competitors to ensure exit routes are illuminated to a safe level without the need for additional dedicated emergency fittings
    • Provides for a number of methods of installation
    • Strong and durable with an IK08 impact rating
    • Easy open and disassembly of the 2 housing sections provides for fast and simple installation
      • Allows the base to be quickly and easily mounted
      • The supply electrical connection to be made. The terminals allow for multiple conductors to accommodate loop in/out and control sensors
      • The LED section is then plug and play at a later time whilst the section is supported by the nylon body straps
    • Light output is diffused to provide a low glare solution with even light spread and uniformity
    • Results from our rigorous testing show these fittings to have:
      • High initial lumen output
      • Minimal lumen depreciation over time
      • Accurate colour temperature and CRI without shift
      • High efficacy
      • Exceptionally long Rated LED life
    • Allows the fitting to be controlled by PIR, Microwave or photocell sensors without detriment to LED or driver life
    • Provides additional energy savings to reduce carbon emissions
    • Ideal for cold unheated areas or hot buildings like care homes

Application areas: • Commercial offices and corridors • Retail shop sales areas and store rooms • Health centres • Classrooms • Workshops • Garages • Work stations


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