HARBOUR LED Corrosion Proof

The ROBUS HARBOUR corrosion proof fittings consist of a high quality Tridonic constant current driver which ensures optimum LED performance, life and reliability.

The fittings also contain LiFeP04 battery technology which means they are low weight, have prolonged emergency duration and extended discharge/charge cycles.  

It also has a “Plug and Play” emergency option for the whole range which provides high light output in emergency mode to ensure emergency lighting regulations are met. It is IP65 rated so is corrosion proof against the effects of water.

Available in a range of  lengths (0.6m to 1.8m), wattages and lumen packages this is a fantastic range.


    • The ROBUS HARBOUR has a Tridonic constant current driver which provides optimum LED drive current to enhance LED life
    • The range benefits from the ROBUS EPR system (Emergency Pack Ready) which means that all emergency pack connections are by male/female connectors for true “Plug and Play”. This allows the emergency option to be fitted in seconds
    • The emergency utilises the latest LiFePO4 battery technology which has:
      • Low weight for easier handling of the light fitting
      • Shorter time to fully charge for faster availability after installation or emergency use
      • Slow discharge when not connected to mains
      • >2000 charge/discharge cycles, double standard Li
    • A four pole push-connect spring terminal block with 2 ports per pole provides fast and simple connection, loop in/out and permanent live facility for simple emergency conversion
    • High quality LM80 and TM21 tested LED’s are used which ensure the fitting will have excellent light output consistent over life, low power consumption and long rated LED life

Applications Areas • Wet areas • Outside walkways • Warehouses • Storage areas • Industrial units • Farm buildings (Non-corrosive atmosphere) • Garages • Workshops • Car parks


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