These clean looking, slim profile, circular fittings are quick and simple to install and provide exceptional lighting performance, reliability and longevity. Utilising our tried and tested Edge-lit LED & Honeycomb light-guide technology to provide low glare indirect light, high efficacy values are achieved to make these fittings ideal for all types of lighting applications.


    • Range of 5 Wattages & diameters
      • A full range for all building types, applications and room sizes
    • Emergency, DALI or Analogue dimmable available
      • Provides functional dimming or Daylight Harvesting energy saving
    • White chamfered trim
      • Clean looking with virtually no projection below the ceiling
      • The light appears to be emitted direct from the ceiling surface
    • Slim profile body
      • Fits within the thickness of the ceiling
      • Ideal for shallow voids or where there are numerous other services
    • Opal diffuser with honeycomb light guide
      • Provides wide, uniform, indirect light, reducing discomfort glare associated with lower specification LED or traditional light sources
    • Die-cast aluminium body with integrated heat sink
      • Dissipates heat from the LED’s to enhance LED and luminaire life
    • Utilises high quality surface mount 2835 SMD edge mounted LED technology which provides:
      • Exceptional indirect light output
      • Very low power consumption
      • Long Rated LED Life
    • Compared to Compact Fluorescent:
      • Light output and colour is consistent over life
      • Comparable light output so a point for point replacement
      • Low energy consumption makes energy savings of up to 43% so reduces the buildings carbon footprint
      • Provides efficacies of ≥70 luminaire lumens/circuit watt
      • No maintenance costs or inconvenient disruption as is the case when traditional lamps are replaced
    • Cool running with little Infra-red or Ultra-violet
      • No heat emitted so less cost for air conditioning in hot weather
      • Will not tarnish metals, fade garments or other sensitive materials
    • Available in a Warm and Neutral white colour temperature with high CRI
      • Choice of CCT for a relaxing warm ambience or task oriented applications, both with superior colour rendition
    • Rugged solid state technology
      • No heat filaments or electrodes and seals to fail unlike traditional light sources which are susceptible to failure due to building vibration and the process of heating and cooling cycles
      • Can be switched by microwave, PIR and/or photocell to provide even greater energy savings when lighting not required
    • Plug & play connection allows driver connection in ceiling void at early stage of installation  
    • Fitting has factory pre-wired male jack
      • Fast and simple Driver female jack to Light Fitting male jack connection can be completed at a later date after fit out by other trades, ensuring the fitting it is not scratched or damaged
    • High quality driver pre-wired with:
      • Mains side 1m flex
      • Secondary side female twist and lock jack connector


  • Commercial Offices and Corridors
  • Hotel Function Rooms & Receptions
  • Health Centre Waiting Rooms
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Shops
  • Retail showrooms


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