HiLume Flood light

The simple aesthetics of this new range of Hilume floods look attractive and provide outdoor lighting solutions for Domestic, Commercial or Industrial applications. High energy savings are achieved with a range of lumen packages comparable to Metal halide and Halogen, whilst PIR variants reduce running costs even more.


    • The Hilume is an extensive range of floods from 10W to 100W
      This means that almost any small to medium size application can be catered for with the lumen packages in the range
    • A high quality powder coat process electrostatically applied to the die-cast aluminium body ensures that the fitting looks good and will continue to do so after being subjected to the rigours of the UK weather for years to come
    • A tempered glass frosted diffuser is used to provide an anti-vandal, low glare uniform light coverage of the area
    • A beam angle of 100 degrees ensures that good illumination of the area is achieved for vehicular or pedestrian access
    • PIR versions are available in all lumen packages except the 100W for additional energy savings which ensures lighting is only when required and has:
      • Adjustable sensitivity so the detection zone can be trimmed to avoid passers-by triggering lights on
      • Time off delay selection
      • Lux level switching point for dusk to dawn operation
      • Manual over-ride functionality is also included so light will be available for up to 8 hours before reverting back to automatic
    • A pre-drilled angled stirrup mounting bracket allows the position of mounting holes to be marked, drilled and the fitting fixed to the surface without removing the bracket from the fitting
    • The fitting is pre-wired to allow termination into a junction box which avoids the possibility of the IP rating being compromised during on-site connection
    • The Hilume range utilises high quality, long life, surface mount SMD LED’s mounted on a rectangular PCB gear to provide:
      • High light output, low power consumption and high efficacy for large energy savings with short payback periods
      • Low lumen & CCT depreciation for consistent light and colour over life
      • A long LED Rated Life without annoying and often inconvenient lamp changes at height
    • The LED’s are also Solid State with no heat filaments, electrodes or seals and have no cool down or warm up time so:
      • Are rugged and will not fail through vibration or hot to cold temperature changes so provide huge maintenance cost savings
      • Can be used in conjunction with presence detectors to provide “instant on/off” for additional energy savings without detriment to LED life as is the case with traditional light sources
      • They can be operated 24/7 if required for lighting of installations without natural light


  • Church halls
  • Garages, Workshops & Industrial units
  • Loading areas
  • Work-stations
  • Show room features & Exhibition stands
  • Decking areas & Garden features
  • Drives & Paths
  • Sign illumination


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