Lazer LED Vapour proof

The Lazer is a high quality, high light output, LED fitting designed to replace traditional T5 and T8 corrosion-proofs whilst making substantial energy and maintenance cost savings. It utilises a unique fast fix wire-through arrangement to dramatically reduce installation time and poor connections often associated with conditions during on-site installations of this type.


    • Complete range
    • Factory fitted fast-fix spring terminal connector glands both ends with all internal wiring within the fitting complete:
      • Pre-wired incoming gland to driver
      • Pre-wired loop out from driver to outgoing gland
    • Gland spring terminals accept 1.5mm2 conductors
    • Accessory pack included comprising:
      • Stainless steel surface mounting brackets
      • Stainless steel suspension hangers
      • Diffuser clip securing screws
      • Spare rubber gland plug
    • Opal polycarbonate Pro-diffuser and body
    • Dedicated fitting with LED gear tray utilising high quality LM80 tested SMD’s
    • Solid state technology and optimised driver design
    • IP65


    • Direct replacements for 1.2m and 1.5m single and twin T5 and T8
    • Reduces the possibility of poor or incorrect internal connections
    • Ready to wire into glands with incoming supply and outgoing cable to next fitting
    • Terminals are suitable for most lighting circuit cable CSA conductors
    • Spring terminals guarantee permanent conductor connection without hotspots or high resistance due to lose connections
    • Reduces installation time and costs because:
      • There is no requirement to remove diffuser or gear tray to gain access for driver connection
      • No drilling of gland points and fitting glands needed
    • These provide:
      • Fitting simply clicks into the brackets for optional surface or suspension mounting methods depending on installation requirement such as mounting material and height
      • Security of the fitting – more difficult to open
      • Spare if gland plug is lost or electrical layout changes
    • Provides a strong and durable fitting to IK08 so will take a knock from a pallet on a fork-lift
    • Light output is diffused to provide a low glare solution
    • More efficient than LED tubes which are sometimes stolen
    • Tested and proven light output without depreciation over time
    • Long rated LED life and warranty
    • Low power consumption and running costs
    • Allows the fitting to be controlled by PIR, Microwave or photocell sensors to provide additional energy savings
    • Suitable for wet or dusty environments indoors or outdoors

Applications: • Wet areas • Outside walkways • Warehouses • Storage areas • Industrial units • Farm buildings • Garages • Workshops • Car parks • Changing rooms


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