LED Groundlight

ALDO - Luminaries suitable for in-ground and recessed installation with no visible screws. Supplied as standard with TUV-CB certified, long life and efficient G9 Lamp. Quick and easy lamp replacement for a very simple maintenance after installation. Made of shockproof resin material, UV stabilised, rust and corrosion-free.

CECI 90 & CECI 160 - Drive-over in-ground luminaries with no visible screws, made of shockproof resin material, UV stabilised, rust and corrosion-free. Insulation class II, protection rating 
IP67. In-ground supplied as standard with TUV approved, long-life and efficient; CECI 90 3.5W GU10 Lamp, CECI 160 10W GX53 Lamp. Quick and easy lamp replacement for a very simple maintenance after installation.


    ALDO - Cover with no visible screws made in shockproof resin material, stabilised, rust and corrosion free. Plain oneopening versions available, for a diffuse or directed light emission. Diffuser made of shockproof resin material (PC) complete with silicone rubber gasket to ensure high protection against external agents. Housing made of shockproof resin material . Provided with G9 lampholder and watertight cable gland for a safe electrical device connection.

    CECI 90 & CECI 160 - Cover with no visible screws made of shockproof resin material, UV stabilised, rust and corrosion free. Diffuser made of high impact and high-pressure load resistant resin material (PC), complete with silicone rubber gasket to ensure high protection against external agents. Housing made of shockproof resin material, provided with double holes and double watertight cable glands for safe connecting cable.


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