This superb range of GLS and Candle LED lamps will replace traditional incandescent bulbs making huge energy savings as well as removing the inconvenience of lamps failing, often requiring reset of the circuit breaker. The range consists of dimmable and non-dimmable replacements for the most commonly used wattages of Candle and GLS lamps, provide comparable light output, and will reduce the electricity used by up to 88%, producing return on investment in months.


    • Robus 2 Year Warranty
    • Comprehensive range of Candle & GLS LED lamps with options of Bayonet and Edison Screw cap types
    • High quality Everlight LED chips used
    • Colour temperature of 2700 Kelvin
    • No Infra-red or UV content
    • Contains no mercury or other heavy metals


    • Provides an ultra-low power consumption range to replace the most commonly used incandescent light bulbs on a light for light basis
    • Provides a smooth dimming transition which is great for mood lighting in areas of relaxation, or just to reduce power consumption
    • This provides a sparkling light source to replicate a traditional candle lamp with comparable light output
    • The heat from the LED’s is drawn away from the chips through the compound and is dissipated by the heat sink to ensure the LED’s run cool to provide long and efficient life of up 25,000 hours or more
    • Reproduces the same warm light colour we associate with this type of lighting
    • A reliable long – life product with no registration or form filling

This fantastic range is suitable for installations such as: ● Shop Window Displays ● Hotel Function Rooms & Receptions ● Commercial office buildings ● Bars & Restaurants ● Dining room, kitchen, bedrooms in the home ● Track fittings ● Retail showrooms


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