Motion sensor (PIR and MW)

These multi-function Microwave/PIR sensors primary function is to save energy by taking natural light into account and only adding as much additive light as required to attain a set point lux level. Parameters can be set using a 16- channel rotating wheel. Additional functionality is achieved using the optional remote-control programming tool The light fittings being controlled require a 1-10VDC driver for Dimming Functionality. Without, they will operate in on/off only, adding the hold and standby times together Parameters: Detection Sensitivity, Target Light Level, Hold Time, Standby Light Level, Standby Time Before Off Note: Please see data page 2 for specific parameter settings available using the Microwave Sensor Wheel Settings and the optional Remote-Control Programmer.


    • This multifunction sensor utilises both Microwave and Passive Infra-Red technology. By default the sensor is set to trigger on Microwave OR PIR and requires the HRC-11 programming tool to avail of the other sensing technology options
      • When set to Microwave sensing alone it very sensitive, with extended sensing distance and will sense very small movement of anything including through some partitions
      • When set to PIR it will only detect movement of a heat signature so is not false triggered so easily when the fitting it is attached to swings on its chain due to air movement
      • Combination of MW and PIR provide the advantages of both technologies to overcome any disadvantages of either
    • The high specification Fresnel lens combined with Microwave and PIR detection technologies provide a 360 degree cone shaped detection pattern for accurate detection of movement in the area
    • The sensor is IP65 rated so is ideal for installation in damp or dusty environments
    • It is also IK10 so will take the occasional knock from a fork-lift or pallet of goods
    • It also has an adjustable bracket which allows it to be mounted to most light fittings
    • The sensor can be mounted between 4 and 15m high so is ideal for control of lighting in high and low bay areas as well as manufacturing, assembly and packing spaces
    • For bespoke operation and specific building use and applications, an optional Remote-Control Programmer is available which:
      • Provides single button programming of sensors from ground level without the need to physically access the sensor
      • Allows the sensing technology used to be set to:
        • Microwave ONLY
        • PIR ONLY
        • Microwave OR PIR
        • Microwave AND PIR
    • Provides access to a range of extended settings for:
      • Detection range which provides control of the range of sensing so that lighting is only switched on in the areas required. For example, sensitivity can be set so that movement in a manufacturing area will not switch lighting on in the parts storage areas
      • Target and standby light levels where the sensor will only instruct the light fitting to add as much artificial light as is required to attain the set point light level which, provided natural light is available, delivers massive energy saving compared to having lighting on full
      • Hold and standby delay times most suited to the operation of the building


Primarily used in large buildings such as:

  • Manufacturing plants
  • Farm buildings
  • Storage areas
  • Racking areas
  • Warehouses
  • Show rooms
  • Large garages
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Bus and coach depots


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