ATMOS 38W LED panel, IP20, 600x600mm, White, 4000K

Features & Benefits

    • Suitable for use in offices, shops, reception areas, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals
    • LED replacement for 4x18W T8 lay-in modular
    • A high quality PP thermoplastic diffuser ensures that light transmission is maximised into the lit space and provides a TP(a) rating to comply with fire regulations
    • Fits into standard sizes of ceiling grid - 15mm and 24mm
    • High efficacy of 99lm/W
    • Wide operating ambient temperature range of -20øC to +40øC
    • 50,000 hour average lamp life. Up to 5 times that of a standard fluorescent lamp
    • Driver complete with male and female loop in/out connectors included for fast fix installation
    • Suspension kit available
    • Suitable for switching by PIR, Microwave or Photocell
    • Suitable for use with HED2040-D DALI, 1-10V, Push Dim driver
    • R3EMPK-PSU plug and play 3-hour emergency pack available
Cap TypeLED
Total Power (Mkt)38.3
Lumens (lm) (Mkt)3810
Beam Angle (Mkt)110
Lamp Life (Hrs)50000
Number of LEDs196 (14P14S)
Comparable To4x18W Fluorescent
CRI (Mkt)80
CCT (K) (Mkt)4000
Efficacy (lm/cctW) - Mkt99
Lux at 1m (Mkt)1310
Power Factor (Mkt)0.97
Width (mm)595
Depth (mm)10
Length (mm)595
Unit Weight / kg2
Alternatives (2)
Atmos Panel Revit 15 Files.zip 689KB
RAM40406060-01-Photometrics.IES 43KB
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Instruction manual RAM40306060-01,RAM40406060-01, RAM40506060-01(issue2).pdf 263KB
RAM40406060-01 Emergency Mode-Photometrics.IES 63KB
RAM40406060-01 Emergency Mode-Photometrics.ldt 45KB
Panel Files.zip 2.5MB
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BC117060035V1.0_ROBUS RAM40406060-01 ErP标签.pdf 164KB
ATMOS-EU-RAM40XXXXXX-ROBUS Product Information Document-20201105.pdf 454KB
ATMOS-EU-RAMX0XXXX-ROBUS Product Information Document-20201312 FR.pdf 618KB
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