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Generally used in attractive GU10 downlights which can number over 30 in many modern households, these dimmable and non-dimmable LED lamps are available in a range of light colour temperatures to suit the use of the area being illuminated. Compared to GU10 Halogen, they are the same physical size, provide more light, have 10-15 times longer Rated Life and use 90% less energy which can mean savings of almost £350* in electricity costs alone.


    • The range consists of 2,700K, 3,000K and 4,000K CCT which provides alternative colour temperatures applicable to the use of the lit space
    • The lamps are available in 4.5W non-dimmable and 5W dimmable to provide a constant working light level or dimmed ambience using dimmers from the approved compatibility list
    • They are manufactured from heat dissipating polycarbonate to ensure the lamp recommended operating temperature is not exceeded to provide long life
    • The polycarbonate LEDChroic lens and diffuser provides a twinkling aesthetic and beam angle of 35 degrees, similar to halogen lamps, and is the same dimensional footprint so will provide a great retro-fit solution

Application areas:

  • All rooms in the home including bathroom, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, study and lounge
  • Shop Window Displays
  • Hotel Function Rooms & Receptions
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Track fittings
  • Retail showrooms


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