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This GU10 lamp joins the exciting new ROBUS CONNECT family of products. Simply replace the existing ROBUS GU10 lamp and download the ROBUS CONNECT App to control the downlights over WIFI or data by mobile phone locally or remotely. Group lamps together and set scenes by controlling on/off switching, dim level and tunable white colour temperature. Integrate the lamps with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa WIFI devices for voice activated control.


    • The lamps are WIFI enabled so are controlled from the ROBUS CONNECT App through a local or remote WIFI / data connection
    • The ROBUS Connected devices provide multiple functionality which includes:
      • Within App instructions for pairing of ROBUS CONNECT products so is simplicity itself
      • On / off switching so lighting can be controlled from anywhere. You can switch off lights left on in another part of the house after going to bed, without getting up
      • Dimming for a more relaxing environment when watching TV or eating a meal
      • Tunable White Colour temperature control from warm to daylight white or anywhere in between dependent use of the lit space
      • Grouping a number of fittings together so they can all be controlled as one such as the lights in a bedroom or lounge
      • Scene setting which allows single or groups of fittings to be set to a specific state. A dining scene (1) whilst eating might need some lights over the table set to a higher level with lighting around the perimeter of the room set to low level
    • After dinner you may wish to change the scene (2) to a low lit ambience whilst chatting and taking a relaxing drink
    • Scheduling allows setting up of “holiday mode” actions where lights can be set to come on or go off at specific times of the day or night


  • All rooms in the home
  • Retail shops
  • Complimentary lighting in offices
  • Hotels & Function rooms
  • Restaurants, Bars, Clubs and other entertainment venues
  • Schools & Therapy units


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