This fantastic range of TRIUMPH ACtivate Fire and IP65 rated LED downlights are complimented by a tilt version and combine “Chip on Board, Driver on Board, LEDchroic lens and SWIFT 4 pole pluggable connector” technologies to create the highest specification downlight range in the lighting market.


    • The Triumph fittings are both IP65 and Fire rated and comprise of a full range in Warm and Neutral white colour temperatures to provide lighting solutions from small domestic installations to large retail or commercial applications
    • A tilt version compliments the range to provide wall wash and directional lighting for displays
    • The latest Chip On Board Technology (COB) provides:
      • High lumen output for optimised quantity of fittings
      • Low power consumption for large energy savings
      • Low heat emissions for longer Rated LED life
    • State of the art Integrated Chips with no traditional electrolytic capacitors provide true Driver-On-Board (DOB) technology with all power supply, driver components, dimming, power factor, surge & thermal protection integrated onto the LED PCB and powered direct from the mains supply which means:
      • Long driver life as there are no traditional capacitors to fail
      • Efficient technology and more reliable than “separate” or “integrated” drivers with Integrated Chip control for:
      • Stable drive current to maximise LED performance and life
      • Smooth dimming functionality as standard
      • Minimum driver power losses for energy efficiency
      • Circuit and component protection for long life
    • The LEDCHROIC optic & reflector achieves the traditional aesthetic of a dichroic lamp with a clear light beam with gentle cut-off at the extremities for excellent lux level uniformity
    • The fittings are Fire, Acoustic & Airflow tested so complies with the requirements of Building Regulations
    • They are also IP65 rated, including the tilt version, so the same aesthetic can be achieved in dry and wet areas
    • A bespoke design finned aluminium heat sink with large surface area provides optimal heat conduction away from the COB and DOB components to ensure long reliable service life
    • The fittings are pre-wired with a Robus SWIFT 4 pin male/female plug & play connector with large terminals and integrated cable restraint which means:
      • Supply wiring can be completed at an early stage
      • It has terminals for switched and permanent live conductors
      • Fittings can be connected once other trades have completed
      • Provides simple plug and play emergency pack connection
    • A wide flange with short narrow main body covers existing cut-outs so great for retro-fit and is ideal for shallow ceiling voids
    • It also has an integrated insulation stand-off which allows insulation to be loosely laid over the fitting so avoids "cold spots" in insulated voids
      It also ensures there is sufficient air gap between insulation and fitting for efficient operation
    • Accessories include:
      • Plug and Play emergency pack, ideal for landing or hallway
      • A range of colour trims to match or contrast décor
      • Lenses in either 380 or 600 for alternative beam patterns

Application Areas: 

  • All rooms in the home
  • Retail shops
  • Hotels
  • Function rooms
  • Bars & Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Wet rooms and wash down areas


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