VOGUE LED Ceiling Light

Available in circular or triangular forms, these surface or semi-recessed, high quality cabinet fittings are great for highlighting the contents of display cabinets whilst using only 2 watts of power. Using the latest SMD LED technology and with no lamps to fail they will provide years of maintenance free service and will enhance the look of many domestic, entertainment or retail installations.


    • Slim profile with clean a stylish lines
    • Strong but flexible polycarbonate base
    • High impact high efficiency acrylic diffuser
    • Utilises high quality SMD LED’s which provide:
      • Long Life
      • High luminous flux with low lumen depreciation & CCT shift
      • Low power consumption
      • High efficacy
    • Stable colour temperature of 4,000k with high CRI
    • Solid state technology
    • Robus 3 year warranty


    • Easy to clean and less likely to harbour germs
    • Allows maximum light output
    • Provides low glare
    • Aesthetically pleasing as the individual LED’s are not visible
    • LED rated life of 30,000 hours with zero maintenance
    • Low energy, making energy savings of nearly 65% compared to 2D
    • Provides up to 100 lumens for every watt used, complying with Part L1 and L2 Building Regulations
    • Huge energy and maintenance cost savings ensure payback on investment is achieved in months
    • Provides clear visibility and is ideal for security camera coverage
      • Instant on
      • Not detrimental to LED life as it is with CFL light sources
    • No internet registration or form filling – simple, peace of mind

Application Areas: ● Inside cabinet displays ● Under or on top of wall cabinet’s ● Recessed in stair strings or risers ● Kitchen kick boards ● Reception desk lighting ● Bedroom wardrobes


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