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These high quality powerful recessed swivel & scoop wall washer downlights take LED replacement of traditional metal halide to the next level. Providing superb output and clarity of light combined with substantial savings in both energy and maintenance costs, these fittings will help reduce the carbon emissions created by the use of traditional light sources in many types of installation.


    • ROBUS 3 Year Warranty
    • High quality die cast aluminium construction with frosted tempered glass diffuser
    • Utilises high quality Samsung SMD LED’s for:
      • Extremely high lumen light output
      • Low power consumption
      • High efficacy
      • Cool running
    • Excellent thermal management design ensures the LED’s operate within optimum operating temperatures


    • Excellent aesthetics and robustness to match the life of the light source  Reduces glare for eye comfort
    • Compared to metal halide:
      • Provides comparable light output using less power
      • Achieves massive energy savings of up to 60% reducing CO2 emissions and the buildings carbon emmissions
      • Easily exceeds current and foreseeable Building Regulation requirements
      • Reduced cooling required making further building energy cost savings
    • Contributes to enhance rated LED life to 50,000 hours compared to 5-10,000 hours for metal halide making huge lamp & maintenance cost savings

These great fittings can equally be used for downlighting, wall wash or accent display applications in: ● Bars & Clubs ● Museums ● Temporary exhibition stands ● Retail shops ● Stage lighting ● Exhibition centres ● Architectural features ● Showrooms


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