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It is a legal requirement to provide adequate emergency lighting in our buildings. This recessed, compact, discrete and attractive fitting utilising the latest energy efficient LED technology comes complete with battery pack and provides a high lumen output. It is an alternative to the bulky emergency packs usually associated with backup lighting and can be used to provide a common emergency solution throughout the whole building. This fitting provides an ideal solution where emergency versions of standard fittings are not available. It has a standard and additional trim which extends its functionality for retro-fit where larger holes are already cut.


    • Compact design
    • Complete with extension bezel
    • C/w 3.6v/3Ah NiCAD rechargeable battery pack
    • Non-maintained operation


    • Provides a discrete emergency solution up to 75mm cut-out
    • Covers existing hole cut-outs up to 110mm diameter for retro-fit requirements or poor/ragged holes cut-outs
    • Provides long life up to 30,000 hours
    • Provides 3 hour emergency operation when the mains power supply is lost

Ideal for installation in: ● Offices ● Public buildings ● Shops and stores ● Health Centres ● Hospitals ● Schools ● Hotel rooms ● Pubs, Clubs & Restaurants


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