ORIENT LED Commercial Bollard

These modern and attractive fittings utilise state of the art SMD LED technology to provide a great light output in a soft neutral white light colour. These bollards offer an attractive outdoor indirect lighting solution with very low running costs without the annoying lamp failures associated with traditional light sources.


    • The Orient is available in two heights for either a low level light throw for walkways and paths or the wide throw of the tall version for greater area coverage of drives or patio areas
    • A die cast aluminium housing finished in a hard wearing black powder coating ensures the fitting will not corrode and will keep its great aesthetics for many years. Stainless steel fixing screws ensure there will be no unsightly rust runs
    • A high mounted LED array shining downwards onto a curved inverted funnel design reflector with clear lens allow maximum indirect light output. This design directs the light to where it is most needed, the ground, and reduces eye discomfort glare for a more pleasant lighting experience
    • A removable mounting base provides the template for three anchor bolt points (not inc) for a fast and sturdy installation in concrete whilst the provided root kit allows the fitting to be mounted in poured concrete or other firm material
    • The fitting is pre-wired with a short cable which means the fitting does not need to be opened to wire into it as this can compromise the IP rating
    • The lower housing area is hollow so provides plenty of room for an IP65 connection box and storage of excess cable
    • The Orient uses high quality Philips Lumiled LED’s to provide high light output using low power for low energy costs. The fitting will cost less than £1 per year to run for every hour it is on per day
    • The LED’s are LM80 and TM21 tested to demonstrate a long reliable LED life carrying an extensive LED warranty
    • The LED’s also run cool with very little heat being emitted which means there are no issues or worries about skin being burnt if touched by children or others with sensitive skin
    • Because the technology is solid state with no gas filled glass envelope they can be switched by photocells or sensors to provide instant light for added safety. Having no lamp filaments or electrodes to fail means they are inherently more reliable with longer life than traditional light sources
    • The fitting is also IP65 rated which will stand the rigours of rain and wind without detriment to life
    • The control gear is set up inside the fitting so will not be affected by standing water around the base of the fitting
    • The Orient carries the 5 year Robus warranty which provides confidence that the fitting will give long and reliable service


  • Sheltered housing outdoor common areas
  • Hotel grounds
  • Restaurant/Pub garden and patio areas
  • Car parks
  • Play areas
  • Building entrances and paths
  • Private drive-ways


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