Available either with wide beam optic for emergency lighting in open areas, or with long and narrow beam optic for emergency lighting in corridors or walkways, these dedicated emergency light fittings will provide the required light levels necessary which together with other emergency lighting and signage will enable safe assembly or traverse of the building in the event of loss of power.


    • These are dedicated non-maintained emergency fittings which is a great solution where the main lighting does not, or cannot incorporate integral emergency
    • Available as 2 separate fittings which allows the same aesthetic to be used in all areas of the building
    • The open area optic version provides general light coverage for larger or assembly areas whilst
    • The corridor optic version provides a long and narrow beam characteristic for access or exit routes where most of the light is used usefully to light the route with little wasted on the walls
    • The complete kit is pre-wired for plug & play connectivity which means once the mains supply is connected, the intercomponent connections are made quickly and simply
    • There are fewer terminations to be made on site so less likelihood of bad connections for a more reliable installation
    • The kit includes:
      • Electronic control gear which ensures the batteries are optimally charged and provides reliable change-over to battery power on mains failure
      • NiCad 3.6V 1.8Ah battery pack which will power the LEDs for ≥3hrs in emergency mode to ensure safe movement around the building
      • The slim, miniature LED downlight looks attractive, is unobtrusive, provides a neat emergency solution and won’t detract from the main lighting design
    • It uses state of the art 4000K COB LED’s which have:
      • High lumen output for excellent visibility to traverse the building
      • Long rated LED life for reliable operation without lamp failure and changes associated with traditional light sources
      • Low power consumption for extended light output time • Excellent light colour and quality for clear visibility
    • Has a green status LED on the downlight which provides a visible indication of the charging status
    • Has a wide ambient operating temperature range which allows the fitting to function well in extremes of hot or cold temperatures in buildings or areas where heating or cooling are not always installed


Open or assembly areas, and access routes or corridors in:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Public buildings
  • Retail premises
  • Hospital and health centres
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hotels, pubs, clubs & restaurants
  • Apartment communal areas


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