Generally used in attractive GU10 downlights which can number over 30 in many modern households, these dimmable and non-dimmable LED lamps are available in a range of light colour temperatures to suit the use of the area being illuminated. Compared to GU10 Halogen, they are the same physical size, provide more light, have 10-15 times longer Rated Life and use 90% less energy which can mean savings of almost £350* in electricity costs alone.


    • The range consists of 2,700K, 3,000K and 4,000K CCT which provides alternative colour temperatures applicable to the use of the lit space
    • The lamps are available in 4.5W non-dimmable and 5W dimmable to provide a constant working light level or dimmed ambience using dimmers from the approved compatibility list
    • They are manufactured from heat dissipating polycarbonate to ensure the lamp recommended operating temperature is not exceeded to provide long life
    • The polycarbonate LEDChroic lens and diffuser provides a twinkling aesthetic and beam angle of 35 degrees, similar to halogen lamps, and is the same dimensional footprint so will provide a great retro-fit solution
    • High quality LM80 and TM21 tested SMD LED’s demonstrate the lamps to have a consistent Lumen output and Colour Temperature over a long Rated LED Life
    • Low power consumption with high lumen output provide a one for one Halogen replacement whilst making huge energy savings
    • Emits minimum heat and no ultra violet in the light beam so less cooling is required and is less attractive to flying insects in the warmer months They are also ideal for use in retail environments for highlighting clothing and jewellery displays without causing fading or tarnishing
    • Has a wide operating temperature range so is less affected by high ambient temperatures for longer life
    • Uses solid state technology without a sealed glass bulb containing an inert gas, filaments or electrodes. This means that it is rugged and less susceptible to building vibration damage caused by traffic or machinery It also makes it compatible with most mains voltage sensor controls which switch lighting on and off after short delay times It has fewer failures due to heating and cooling cycles causing material expansion and contraction
    • All of these features and benefits contribute to long life, making additional energy savings and reducing costly and inconvenient premature lamp failures

Application areas:

  • All rooms in the home including bathroom, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, study and lounge
  • Shop Window Displays
  • Hotel Function Rooms & Receptions
  • Commercial office buildings
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Track fittings
  • Retail showrooms


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