This great range of GU10 led lamps utilise SMD technology to provide energy efficient and long life solutions to replace inefficient short life halogen lamps. They are particularly suited to a 50W GU10 Halogen lamp for LED lamp swap to make huge savings in electricity costs very quickly and without the inconvenience of a full LED solution fit-out.


    • Robus 2 Year Warranty
    • Lamp housing made from (PBT) Polybutylene Terephthalate which has exceptional heat conduction properties
    • Dimmable 5W version
    • Available in 3,000K or 4,000K colour temperature options
    • Emits very little heat (infra-red)
    • No ultra-violet


    • Contributes to over 20 times longer lamp life than Halogen
    • Fit and forget with no maintenance costs throughout life
    • Dimming with approved leading or trailing edge dimmers provides reduced light when not needed and further reduces energy costs
    • Reproduces colour accurately so ideal for retail solutions
    • Choice of warm subtle light output for relaxing in the home environment or neutral white light colour for task or work oriented lighting
    • Contributes to extended LED life whilst reducing cooling costs
    • Flying insects and flies are less attracted to LED light

Application Areas: Shop Window Displays • Hotel Function Rooms & Receptions • Commercial office buildings • Bars & Restaurants • Dining room, kitchen, bedrooms in the home • Track fittings • Retail showrooms


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