DIVA Dual Voltage Shaver Light

Available in a choice of white or chrome finish, this nicely designed shaver light is ideal for public or private facilities. Manufactured from high-quality materials ensures it will retain its clean looking finish throughout it life. Long life and energy efficient operation are guaranteed with state of the art LED and driver technology.


    • Robus 3 Year Warranty
    • Rounded batten style moulded polycarbonate housing
    • Available in white or chrome finish end caps
    • End mounted on/off switch
    • Uses 30 high quality ETI SMD LED’s
    • Warm white LED’s
    • Termination area rubber seal
    • Wide ambient temperature operating range


    • Attractive aesthetics
    • Easy wipe clean finish
    • Suitable for use by domestic or International travellers
    • Smooth attractive lines when not being used for shaving
    • Enhances mirror image quality for makeup or shaving
    • Provides for simple wiring installation

Application Areas: Bathrooms and cloakrooms in: • Domestic homes • Nursing homes • Entertainment venues • Shops & offices • Restaurants • Public sports & gym changing rooms • Hotel rooms


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