LED Garden Spikes/Spotlights

MINI TOMMY - LED flood with single or double lights make of shockproof resin material, UV stabilised, rust and corrosion free. Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations on wall and ceilings, in a group or on spikes. Supplied as standard with TUV approved, long-life and efficient GU10 Lamp. Quick and easy lamp replacement for a very simple maintenance after installation. The floodlight is fully adjustable and it can tilt and turn at will. Insulation class II, protection rating IP66.


    MINI TOMMY - Cover with no visible screws made of shockproof resin material, UV stabilised, rust and corrosion free. Diffuser made of shockproof resin material (PC) complete with silicone rubber gasket to ensure high protection against external agents. Body made of shockproof resin material ensuring it is suitable for holding electrical devices and resin support fork to allow a fully adjustable floorlight position.


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